Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


Rules explanations.

1)   I’ve noticed some changes in the rules. Why that happened?

The rules includs two parts:

Constant general part and variable statements which coming be actual after 1st September.


2)   I have got any QSOs not counted for my subgroup.

Is it able for any rescore or would I moved to another subgroup?

The participant choose the desired subgroup by themselves in accordance to the General rules only.

QSOs with incorrect modulation scores like a zero points, but counted full for your correspondents.

The multiplayer is not count also in that case.


3)I want send log for higher subgroup, but I have QSOs not in all kinds of modulation allowed in.

MayI send log for this desired subgroup?

Yes of course you may choose any subgroup,

Just notice – your result would be less concurable.


4)Do I have to check QSO which are not in accordance to modulation or band?

No,you dont have.


5)Is QSO with MS,Aurora or Es counted?

Yes,in case when modulations were in accordance.


Logs explanations.

1)    I have sent my log but have no answer, I haven’t found my call received among.

Do I need to send again my log?

All logs received via e-mail manually and loading to checking program, so

 prechecked log will be sent back in 24 hours for control.

Information on the site is renewed once in 24 hours, whether

resending the log have sense only after this period.


2)   I used the paper log. How can I make the my Cabrillo-log?

There are some tools on the  «Software» есть page to help you:


3)   Do I need to make the calculation of my result before sending log?

You dont. Checking program will do that automatically and sent answer to you

will consist this information.



Software explanations.


1)   I do have any better working software for this contest.

How can I put it in for others?

Just send e-mail to:



About award «Україна козацька»


1)   Are able QSOs made before for application?

Yes, All QSOs during the  Cosack’s Honor - contests are able for application.


2) Are able QSOs, whether they are confirmed, but with 0 points due to wrong band

or modulation?

Yes, if QSOs are confirmed , they count real. That QSOs will be count you in case

Your application would be in special band or modulation.


3)Do I need to make an application , or it would be given in automatic way?

You have to make your application by yourself.



Feedback e-mail.



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